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Charging your EV should be Easy. We’re here to keep things simple, help you choose the right charger and start saving money on your car running costs.

Who are we?

Jemmini Best Electrical is a local ( Hemel Hempstead & surroundings ) electrical company, as well as installer of wide range of home charge points for electric cars. We sell and install home chargers to suit every need and budget.

We focus on helpful advice and facts so you can make the right choice and get to the exciting bit – being able to charge your electric car at home and start saving money!

Our values

In everything we do, we pride ourselves on:

Quality – you want an excellent and prompt install and so do we. 

Honesty – we’re upfront about our costs, so there are no surprises on the day of installation.

Simplicity – the world of EVs is new to many, so we never assume the level of knowledge a customer may have. We offer plain and impartial advice.

Continuous learning – as the EV industry develops, we are committed to continually learning and improving our service.

Accountability - we recognize when we haven't met our own high standards or if something has gone wrong and we do our best to put it right.

For Offers & Feedback

Feel free to call or email us with your thoughts and comments on our website, products and service.